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Susan L. Atchison
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Clients' Comments & Testimonials

Sacred Drum Ceremonies

"Susan and Kenny, Thank you so much for the healing space you created in the drumming circle.  I felt a deepening of spiritual connection and insights about my own path in life.  As I listened to the thoughtful prayers of the other participants, my heart nodded, almost as if their prayers were mine too.  I made new friends, felt focused, and light hearted, excited about my future afterwards.  This was a big shift in my own awareness.  The therapeutic essential oils perfectly complemented the rounds of prayers and awakened me to my true desires, personal strength and open heart.  The prayers and drumming celebrated my path in life.  I am deeply grateful for your healing work."

- Wendy S.



"I really enjoy the drumming. I felt at home with myself and spirits. A lot of healing took place and a new opening for all of us came about. A very positive feeling surrounds us."
-Joann Brhely



"(I liked) the peacefulness, the muse, letting go. What a wonderful experience. The oils magnified bringing peacefulness to the whole group."

- Donna Fahlgren



"Release emotions with a wonderful group of people."

- Izabella Fishman



"With my 85 year old Mother becoming more high maintenance I am finding myself wearing down and just one week before the drumming I had gone thru a bit of a meltdown.  Feeling that I had it under control my life leveled out a bit.  I went to the drumming program hosted by Susan and Ken and it was wonderful.

It was put together in such an awesome way incorporating the appropriate oils at the appropriate times to enhance the even.  That nite I slept like a baby and woke up the next morning feeling so wonderful.  The deep stress that I had from coping with my Mom had released and I feel totally refreshed.  I want to thank Susan and Ken for such a “healing event.

- Alice Stacionis


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