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Clearing Negative Energy

Did you ever meet someone and feel uncomfortable right away? Or did you ever walk into a building or a room and start to feel jittery, tired, or depressed?

Sometimes when we don't feel right, it's because we're picking up negative energy from the spaces around us. If you were in a room filled with toxic smoke, it wouldn't matter how much positive thinking you did…the smoke would need to be cleared first. Then we'd want to find the source of the smoke and remove it.

Sometimes we don't feel right because there is a blockage of energy within us (and sometimes that blocked energy is what's affecting the space around us). If we clear that blockage, it becomes easier for us to move forward. It's very much the same as if you have a cold…you might still be able to function but it takes much more effort. Life is easier and more pleasant when the cold has cleared and your energy is flowing smoothly once again.

The good news is that negative energy can be cleared fairly easily. Spaces can be cleared in person or using blueprints or room diagrams. People can be cleared in person or on the phone.

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